5 September, 2021

Trafile di pasta italiana: 5 che stupiranno i tuoi clienti (anche per il prezzo)

5 trafile di pasta italiana - Bell Italia srl
Hai un negozio di prodotti italiani e sei alla ricerca di nuovi articoli che catturino l’attenzione dei tuoi clienti? Bene, in questo articolo ti parlerò di pasta italiana. Starai certamente pensando: la […]
26 August, 2021

Mafia Sounding: 5 fake Italian products with the Mafia on the label

Mafia Sounding: 5 falsi prodotti italiani con la mafia sull'etichetta
Mafia Sounding, or rather: the mafia on the plate. In the past we have already dealt with the Italian sounding phenomenon, or the improper use of Italian references on food products that […]
26 August, 2021

The online scams that damage Made-in-Italy export

truffe online
In today's article we are going to talk about the online scams that damage 'Made-in-Italy' export. What are they, and how do they work? Let's find out together!
22 August, 2021

Italian-Made toiletry conquering foreign markets

Italian-Made toiletry
Italian food is getting more and more appreciated beyond national borders - exportations are significantly increasing this year, too -, but it is also true that, for several years now, Italian-made toiletries products have been increasingly welcomed worldwide. Learn more about the market trend here.
21 August, 2021

Popular Italian beers in the world: Peroni and Nastro Azzurro

Birre italiane di successo nel mondo: Peroni e Nastro Azzurro - Bell Italia srl
Are you ready to discover the most popular Italian beers? Learn about the Peroni and Nastro Azzurro assortment for your shop abroad!
13 August, 2021

Italian boxed wine: 3 excellent brands for the shelves of your shop abroad

Italian boxed wine - Bell Italia srl
Discover why it is convenient to put Italian boxed wine on the shelves of your shop abroad. For you, Bell Italia has selected 3 excellent brands!
30 July, 2021

Barilla, Mulino Bianco, Perugina, and… 5 new Italian food products for your supermarket abroad

Nuovi prodotti food italiani Bell Italia srl
Read the article and immediately discover the 5 new Italian food products that I recommend for your supermarket abroad!
29 July, 2021

Italian candy: 5 top brands recommended by Bell Italia

Italian candy - Bell Italia srl
Discover the top 5 Italian candy brands recommended by Bell Italia for your supermarket abroad. Read this article!
14 July, 2021

Italian tomato pulp: 5 excellent brands for your shop abroad

Italian tomato pulp - Bell Italia srl
Are you looking for the best Italian tomato pulp for your shop abroad? Read the article and discover 5 excellent brands chosen by Bell Italia!
3 June, 2021

Coffee beans: 5 Italian brands you should choose for your supermarket abroad

coffee beans - Bell Italia srl
Discover the best 5 brands of Italian coffee beans, selected by Bell Italia for your supermarket abroad. Read this article!
24 May, 2021

Export of Italian products to the USA: Bell Italia obtains the FDA registration

Italian products USA - Bell Italia srl
The export of Italian products to the USA is constantly growing. Find out how Bell Italia has obtained the necessary certifications to export to the USA respecting all the regulations, read this article!
16 May, 2021

Balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI: which to choose?

balsamic vinegar of Modena - Bell Italia srl
Which balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP should you choose for your supermarket abroad? Read this article, and discover three great brands!