4 October, 2022

Martini Asti: the best seller Asti Sparkling Wine

Martini Asti: 150 years of sustainability After years of research and experimentation in the Piedmontese vineyards, MARTINI, the Italian brand number one in the world, owned by the Bacardi Group, announced that […]
16 September, 2022

Angelo Poretti Beer: one of the best Italian beers!

Since 2010 Bell Italia is the showcase for the best Italian food and no-food brands for wholesalers and retailers worldwide. Hundreds of customers choose Bell Italia every day for their purchases of […]
2 August, 2022

Top 10 Italian food & drink products for a made-in-Italy summer (first part)

In today's article we talk about summer and we reveal what are the top 10 Italian food & drink products to offer to your customers in the hottest season of the year!
29 July, 2022

Italian products of excellence for your supermarket abroad: San Nicholaus

Today we will talk about San Nicholaus, the complete line of wines and spirits dedicated to the saint revered all over the world. Discover all our offers now!
27 July, 2022

Quarta Caffè: the Italian excellence of coffee, from Apulia all over the world

Today's article is dedicated to Quarta Caffè, a very special brand, an authentic symbol of Italian coffee excellence. Let's discover it together!
20 July, 2022

5 Italian special beers to surprise palates abroad

In today's article we present 5 special Italian beers, with which you can amaze the palates of your customers. Discover them now!
22 June, 2022

Making an excellent Italian coffee: 5 tips from Bell Italia

Making an excellent Italian coffee? It sounds easy, but it is not. Let's find out together in the article of the day!
21 June, 2022

Opening a shop of Italian products abroad: 3 sparkling wines and Proseccos that cannot be missing on the shelf

Opening a store of Italian products abroad: is that possibile? Let's discover, in today's article, 3 sparkling wines and proseccos that can't be missing on a shelf!
15 January, 2022

The 5 best Italian tonic liquors for your shop abroad

If you want to learn more about the 5 best tonic liquors from Dante's birthplace, this is just the article for you. Discover them and choose some for your supermarket abroad!
19 November, 2021

Best Prosecco: 5 brands for your supermarket abroad

Do you have a supermarket abroad? Are you looking for the best Prosecco? In this article you will discover 5 excellent brands to choose from!
21 August, 2021

Popular Italian beers in the world: Peroni beer and Nastro Azzurro

Are you ready to discover the most popular Italian beers? Learn about the Peroni Beer and Nastro Azzurro assortment for your shop abroad!
13 August, 2021

Italian boxed wine: 3 excellent brands for the shelves of your shop abroad

Discover why it is convenient to put Italian boxed wine on the shelves of your shop abroad. For you, Bell Italia has selected 3 excellent brands!