21 August, 2021

Popular Italian beers in the world: Peroni and Nastro Azzurro

Are you ready to discover the most popular Italian beers? Learn about the Peroni and Nastro Azzurro assortment for your shop abroad!
13 August, 2021

Italian boxed wine: 3 excellent brands for the shelves of your shop abroad

Discover why it is convenient to put Italian boxed wine on the shelves of your shop abroad. For you, Bell Italia has selected 3 excellent brands!
18 December, 2020

What is the best Italian coffee? The 5 best-selling coffees by Bell Italia in the world

What is the best Italian coffee? It's hard to answer this question. But today, in this article, we will try to do that, based on Bell Italia's data relating to the 5 coffees most requested by our customers around the world.
19 November, 2020

Italian sparkling mineral water: 5 Italian brands for foreign markets

In this article, we talk about Italian sparkling mineral water. We will let you discover the top 5 Italian brands that we export the most to the whole world and we will reveal their strengths.
11 September, 2020

Italian aperitif drink: 5 excellent drinks for your supermarket abroad

The Italian aperitif drink is much more than a simple moment you take to have a drink: it is a real ritual! In this article, we reveal 5 excellent Italian drinks ready to put on a shelf in your supermarket abroad or to offer in your bar, wherever you are.
8 December, 2019

The 5 Sanpellegrino products Bell Italia sells the most abroad

Today's article is dedicated to Sanpellegrino, a historic Italian company specialized in the production of mineral water and soft drinks. We are going to reveal the 5 Sanpellegrino products we sell the most here at Bell Italia!
2 December, 2019

Making an excellent Italian coffee: 5 tips from Bell Italia

Making an excellent Italian coffee? It sounds easy, but it is not. Let's find out together in the article of the day!
20 October, 2019

5 Italian soft drinks: the best way to cool off during summer

In today's article we recommend you 5 Italian soft drinks to cool off during the summer. Find them out now!
13 October, 2019

RECORD Lavazza Export in 2019: the 5 TOP products of Bell Italia

In 2019, Lavazza exports showed a record growth. Today, in our blog, we will reveal the 5 Lavazza products that we exported the most here at Bell Italia. Find them out now!
15 August, 2019

5 top brands of Italian coffee capsules and the Nespresso phenomenon

For us Italians, drinking coffee is an irreplaceable tradition, so today we are going to find out the 5 top brands of Italian coffee capsules. Read now!
14 July, 2019

Iced tea: the 5 brand recommended by Bell Italia

In today's blog we talk about iced tea and we reveal the 5 brands that Bell Italia recommends to its customers around the world. Find out more!
8 May, 2019

2018: the record numbers of the export of Spumante and Prosecco

Exportations of spumante and prosecco reached a record in 2018: find out more in this article from Bell Italia, Italian wholesale products!