Angelo Poretti Beer: one of the best Italian beers!

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Angelo Poretti Beer: one of the best Italian beers!

Today’s showcase is dedicated to one of the best Italian beers: Angelo Poretti Beer.  If it is not already part of the assortment of your supermarket abroad, I recommend you to include it, maybe taking advantage of our special offers!

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In this article, I will tell you stories, anecdotes, and some secrets about a beer that in recent years has literally conquered the Italian market. Not only: the quality of its ingredients, the unique taste, and the attractive and “Italian” look are making it a quite requested and appreciated product abroad.

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Poretti Beer: history of one of the best Italian beers

Poretti Beer: history of one of the best Italian beers

Including Angelo Poretti beer in the assortment of your shop abroad means choosing one of the best Italian beers on the market. You will offer your customers a beer with over 140 years of history. Well – you must be thinking – there are many beers with a long and consolidated tradition. Angelo Poretti, however, has something more.

Probably because many of the techniques of the visionary founder Angelo Poretti are still used today. Or because this beer combines past and present. Or, moreover, from the first day, it is produced in Induno Olona, a small town in the province of Varese at the foot of the Alps, where the water is pure and the climate is ideal because barley and hops express their maximum potential.

Great worth for the success of Angelo Poretti beer goes to Alberto Frausin. Managing director of the group from 2007 to 2019, he is the architect of the revolution that has refreshed and improved the brand image. His insights have led Angelo Poretti beer to become one of the best-selling on the Italian market, paving the way for the conquest of the best international markets.

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Poretti: the strong points

Poretti: the strong points

Before introducing you to the complete assortment of Angelo Poretti beer, I will quickly explain the strengths of the brand.

  1. Superior quality. The Master Brewers of the Birrificio Angelo Poretti stand out, today as in the past, for their ability to carefully select and combine the different varieties of hops among more than 300 ones from around the world. It is thanks to this art – handed down from generation to generation – that so many special recipes have been created.
  2. Simple and eye-catching look. The label has a retro style and is very… Italian. Simple and beautiful. It emphasizes the ancient origin of the product (Valganna since 1877) and highlights the number of hops used in the different variants. 3 hops for the classic lager, up to ten of the “10 hops”, a beer so refined and sophisticated to resemble a sparkling wine and deserves a bottle worthy of the best “bollicine”.
  3. Great value for money. One of the strengths of Birrificio Angelo Poretti beer is undoubtedly its price. It is difficult to find on the market a product with such a good value for money. A “precious” beer and, at the same time, with an attractive price. Not bad for your customers! For the retailer, it is profitable too, as he can get very good rotations and really interesting margins.
  4. Complete assortment. You’ll see it in detail shortly: the skill of the Master Brewers has given rise to creations disparate in taste, strength, and scent. All this through the careful combination of different types of hops, including a very special Italian variant. Offering them all in your supermarket or, why not, in your bar/ restaurant abroad will allow you to win customers and distinguish yourself from your competitors with taste and style.

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Angelo Poretti: the beer assortment

Angelo Poretti: the beer assortment

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Well, it’s time to see the complete assortment of Birrificio Angelo Poretti. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Angelo Poretti beer: 3-4-5-6 luppoli

Poretti beer “3 luppoli”

A beer with a fresh and malty taste, ideal for daily meals and for quenching your thirst with taste. It is prepared using three different hops, the main one is the “Zeus” variant. It has an alcohol content of 4.8% vol. This beer is also available unfiltered.

Angelo Poretti lager beer “4 luppoli”

Angelo Poretti lager beer surprising in taste and quality. It is prepared using 4 different types of hops: Columbus, Herkules, Zeus, and Cascade. The latter, the dominant, has American origin and it is cultivated in Italy. It is characterized by a floral and spicy aroma and some citrus notes reminiscent of grapefruit.

The special combination of ingredients gives the “Poretti 4 luppoli” beer a harmonious and fruity taste, with an appreciable bitter aftertaste. Angelo Poretti lager beer light body also makes it thirst-quenching and, at the same time, ideal for pasta dishes, pizza, or appetizers made of young cheeses. It has an alcoholic strength of 5.0% vol. and is also available unfiltered and non-alcoholic. Almost forgot: the price is really amazing!

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Angelo Poretti: Bock Chiara (5 luppoli) and Bock Rossa (6 luppoli)

The beer Angelo Poretti “5 Luppoli Bock Chiara” is a double malt characterized by a strong roundness and fruity aroma, balanced by a strong bitter aftertaste. It is made using five different hops. It has an alcohol content of 6.5% vol.

The beer Angelo Poretti “6 Luppoli Bock Rossa” is a double round and full-bodied malt, which is distinguished by the aroma of toasted cereals with hints of caramel and licorice. It has fine foam and a bitter and persistent taste, whose main “responsible” is the sixth hop, the dominant one, called “Saaz”. It has a 7% vol. alcohol content.

Angelo Poretti beer: “7 luppoli” and “8 luppoli”

Angelo Poretti 7 luppoli and 8 luppoli

The beer Angelo Poretti “7 luppoli- La Fiorita” is a spring beer, delicate and flavored with elder flowers. It is not filtered, which gives it a dark yellow color and a full-bodied taste and rich in aromas. It has an alcohol content of 5.3% vol.

The beer Angelo Poretti “7 luppoli – La Mielizia” is an autumn beer. It has an amber color and a sweet and spicy taste, in which prevail notes of chestnut honey. It is not filtered and has an amber color, with alcohol content of 6.3% vol.

For its particular recipe, Angelo Poretti “8 luppoli” beer deserves a special bottle, which will certainly not go unnoticed on the shelves of your store. It is a clear beer with high fermentation, with a balanced flavor and a strong aromatic bouquet. In particular, there are notes of bitter orange from the Mediterranean. It has an alcohol content of 5.5% vol.

Angelo Poretti beer “9 luppoli”

Angelo Poretti beer "9 luppoli"

The beer Angelo Poretti “9 luppoli” is declined in three variants. Each one assumes both the body and the flavor of the respective dominant hops. America Ipa is a high-fermentation beer and stands out for its strong and bitter taste, as well as for its intense and floral aroma (5.9% vol.). Belgian Blanche is a high-fermentation white wheat beer with a soft body and an intensely spicy taste (5.2% vol.). Finally, Bohemian Pils is a light beer with low fermentation (4.6% vol.) characterized by a strong and spicy taste, given by the dominant hop named “Saaz”, coming from Bohemia.

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Best Italian beers: Angelo Poretti “10 luppoli” (Le Bollicine)

Angelo Poretti 10 luppoli "Le Bollicine"

Let me close this article with… a “bang!”, in the true sense of the word! Yes, because the beer Angelo Poretti “10 luppoli” pops just like a sparkling wine. No chance, it is nicknamed “Le Bollicine”. Its recipe consists of 10 different varieties of hops strictly selected, thanks to which it takes on an intense profile with spicy and citrus scents.

Compared to traditional beers, the Angelo Poretti “10 hops” is made using the same fermentation process as the wine. That’s why it is so similar to sparkling wine, both in the hints and in the perlage of the foam. Not surprisingly, to enhance its elegance, a special bottle, and refined packaging were reserved. It has an alcohol content of 6.0% vol. and is the ideal drink to celebrate every special moment. Choose it in your store abroad and impress your customers!

Poretti Beer for your store abroad: conclusion

Well, now that you know the entire assortment of Birrificio Angelo Poretti you just have to choose these fantastic products and enrich your store abroad with elegance, quality, and taste… strictly made in Italy! Write to us about which one you like the most in the comments, tell us your point of view, and share the article if you find it interesting.

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