Italian Mineral Water Brands: the top 5 to quench your thirst

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Italian Mineral Water Brands: the top 5 to quench your thirst

Ours is one of the biggest exporting countries when it comes to mineral water, second only to France in Europe. It has to be said that the export only accounts for less than 10% of the national production (meaning that 90% of the Italian mineral water is consumed locally). But the number becomes more significant if we consider that Italy doesn’t import mineral water so the export/import rate is neatly positive.

Italian Mineral Water Brands: Export Data

When we look at the numbers, it’s clear how Italian mineral water is increasingly valued abroad. Over the past five years, the growth trend in exports has seen a notable surge, with double-digit increases in both volume and revenue. The primary markets for Italian mineral water exports encompass the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan beyond the European continent. In Europe, however, the countries topping the list are Germany, followed by France, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

It’s evident that a growing preference for the Italian taste is taking shape abroad, and this can be attributed to two significant factors.

Firstly, notable investments in communication by well-known mineral water brands are contributing to their popularity beyond national borders.

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Secondly, there’s a strong connection between mineral water and the Mediterranean diet. In fact, if “eating healthy” equates to Italian cuisine, the same principle applies to the concept of “drinking healthy.” The tradition and quality of Italian mineral water seamlessly align with the wholesome approach of the Mediterranean diet, making it a natural choice for those seeking a refreshing and health-conscious option.

This winning combination of effective communication and alignment with the Mediterranean diet is propelling Italian mineral water to be increasingly sought after and appreciated abroad, thereby opening new market opportunities for companies in the sector.

Best Brands of Water: Excellence in a Bottle

A highly significant insight surfaces within the Horeca domain: Italian water brands stand as the unrivaled Best Brands of Water on a global scale. This notably underscores that across pubs, pizzerias, and most notably, restaurants worldwide, the prevailing preference distinctly gravitates towards Italian mineral water.

Further attesting to the profound connection between mineral water and the renowned “made in Italy” ethos, particularly within the Horeca sector, lies in the fact that numerous Italian brands have, in recent years, opted to reimagine the design of their bottles, enlisting the expertise of well-known designers. Thus, embracing the Italian approach to hydration not only fulfills the act of quenching one’s thirst but also does so with a touch of elegance!

Best Mineral Water: Discovering Our Customers’ Favorites

Our journey now takes us deep into the realm of the best water brands, a voyage guided by sales figures and the daily demands that flow into Bell-Italia Srl. As we navigate this path, we will unveil the pinnacles of excellence that emerge from public preferences, painting a vivid portrait of the most revered and highly sought-after mineral waters in the market.

1. San Pellegrino Mineral Water

San Pellegrino Mineral Water Bell-Italia Srl

On the official brand website, under the “features” section, a clear and significant message resonates: “Italian heritage”.This single word encapsulates the brand’s essence, aiming to be the emblem of “Italian mineral water.” Sanpellegrino, with its refined, lively, and distinctive taste, is even hailed as the “champagne of mineral waters,” owing to its palate resemblance to the renowned and precious bubbles.

With over 1 billion bottles sold worldwide and an export share surpassing its domestic consumption, Sanpellegrino mineral water is undoubtedly the most recognized and cherished abroad. Therefore, it’s not surprising that in the past year, the company has marked an almost 8% increase in turnover in Europe and a 15% surge in Latin America.

These figures underscore the robust presence and popularity of Sanpellegrino mineral water in international markets, affirming the brand’s triumph and its ability to epitomize the authenticity and excellence of Italian mineral water on a global scale.

2. San Benedetto Water Brand

San Benedetto Water Brand

The mineral water San Benedetto is produced by the namesake Italian beverage company, which was founded on April 10, 1956, by brothers Bruno and Ermenegildo Scattolin. In 2010, the company underwent a period of restructuring and reorganization. Subsequently, in 2012, it was bestowed with the prestigious “Superior Taste” award from the International Taste and Quality Institute in Brussels.

San Benedetto is distributed in over 100 countries, spanning across all 5 continents, with an export share accounting for approximately 43.8 million euros in revenue, roughly 6% of the total production volume, and 7% in value.

The successful outcome of such diversified exports undoubtedly highlights the company’s ability to precisely adapt to the various nuances of target markets worldwide. This underscores that among water brands, San Benedetto possesses the capacity to meet the specific needs and tastes of international consumers, ensuring effective distribution and consistent success in global markets.

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3. Sant’Anna Italian Mineral Water

Sant'Anna Italian Mineral Water


Sant’Anna, a pure and light Italian mineral water, enjoys significant success on Italian tables and beyond, with a revenue exceeding 280 million euros and an impressive production capacity of 3 billion bottles. The company aims to solidify its position in the domestic market while simultaneously expanding into foreign markets. Currently, exports account for only 5% of the total revenue but are experiencing a consistent upward trend. Key export destinations include Germany and France in Europe, and China, Japan, and the United States outside of our continent.

The ownership has planned substantial investments in both equipment, to enhance production capacity, and in research and communication. The strategy is grounded in “diversification,” which involves meticulous and ongoing analysis of emerging market trends to anticipate consumer preferences. This approach enables the company to introduce ever-new and appealing products or formats, effectively addressing the changing needs and preferences of international consumers.

The San’Anna brand maintains its status as a cherished and sought-after mineral water from Italy, both domestically and internationally, as it is finely tuned to market evolution, demonstrating an eagerness to adjust to global dynamics.

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4. Ferrarelle Italian Water

Ferrarelle Italian Water

Ferrarelle stands as a renowned Italian mineral water, both sparkling and natural, sourced from the Val d’Assano. Classified as a mineralized water, it boasts a mineral salt content of 1245 mg/l, making it an excellent choice for daily consumption.

The company owns several well-known and widespread Italian water brands, including Boario, Natia, and Vitasnella. In just 2016, they bottled a total of around 864 million liters, marking a 5% increase from 2015. Ferrarelle ranks fourth in Italy in terms of both mineral water exports and production volumes. Their target markets span far and wide, encompassing Russia, Malta, the USA, the UK, Israel, Australia, Japan, and China.

With its attributes of purity and effervescence, Ferrarelle has secured a prominent position in both the national and international markets. Its popularity and the consistent growth in production and exports serve as a testament to the company’s success in meeting consumer demands and capturing new markets.

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5. Acqua Sangemini Water Brand

Sangemini Italian mineral water Bell-Italia Srl
Sangemini Italian mineral water Bell-Italia Srl

“Acque Minerali d’Italia” is the result of the 2017 merger of Norda Spa, Sangemini Acqua Spa, and Monticchio Gaudianello Spa. This conglomerate produces and distributes renowned brands such as Sangemini, Norda, and Gaudianello. The chosen company name strongly evokes Italian heritage and the “made in Italy” ethos, as the mineral water itself significantly embodies the essence of the country with its distinct flavor, wellness attributes, style, and design.

In 2017, the group produced a total of 1.2 billion liters of mineral water, marking an 8.37% increase from the previous year, and generated a revenue of 140 million euros, growing by 7%. Exportation also experienced remarkable development, with the group particularly focusing on this market and planning significant investments in communication, including the sponsorship of Sangemini water during the Giro d’Italia in 2017 and 2018.

Sangemini is dubbed the “nourishing water of life” because, in addition to hydration, it nurtures our bodies by providing essential minerals and calcium. A liter of Sangemini mineral water, in fact, contains about 40% of the daily calcium requirement, equivalent to two glasses of milk. This positions it as an ideal choice for those seeking quality water that contributes to overall well-being and health, underscoring its significance within a balanced and healthy lifestyle context.

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Water Brands: Check out the wholesale options

Having now discovered the exceptional Italian Mineral Water Brands and their remarkable offers, you’re prepared to choose the best bottled water, both still and naturally sparkling, to elevate your overseas Italian store with elegance, quality, and flavor. This is precisely why Bell Italia, an Italian food products wholesale, tirelessly ensures that wholesalers and retailers are provided with the finest Italian offerings at the most competitive prices in the market. You might also find our blog article discussing Italian Sparkling Water to be of interest.

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