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Martini Asti: the best seller Asti Sparkling Wine

Martini Asti: 150 years of sustainability

After years of research and experimentation in the Piedmontese vineyards, MARTINI, the Italian brand number one in the world, owned by the Bacardi Group, announced that all its suppliers of Moscato Bianco for Spumante Asti will obtain the certification of Equalitas, the most comprehensive sustainability standard in Italian wine production.

This goal is even more significant because it was reached in the year in which the 150 years of Martini & Rossi and the birth of the first bottles of Asti Spumante produced from Moscato grapes in 1871 are celebrated.

Indeed, Martini, an industrial company that ships approximately 100 million bottles per year to more than 120 countries, pays special attention to viticulture, a bond that dates back to the company’s founding. Martini manages the world of sparkling wines and Moscato from vineyard to bottle.

Pioneering vision and innovation have always guided Martini’s decisions, so much so that in 1987, when there was still little talk of environmental impact, MARTINI established the Martini Observatory, a centre dedicated to sustainable practices.

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The Martini Observatory, located in the heart of the Piedmont region and led by a local agronomist expert in vineyard cultivation, has introduced several low-impact practices, ranging from advice on natural pest management methods to integrated viticulture, all with an eye always attentive to the balance of what is grown in the microclimates of the Asti area.

Asti: The grapes and the method of processing

The first Martini Asti bottles to leave the company with the Martini and Rossi Asti label contained sweet Asti Spumante, produced according to the Martinotti-Charmat Method, which is best suited to the peculiar characteristics of Muscat Blanc grapes and is essential for obtaining a high-quality finished product.

The Martini and Rossi Winery was founded in 1864 in Pessione di Chieri, which now houses the company’s historic headquarters, as well as the Martini Museum of Enology and a beautiful terrace. However, the most important location for the production of sparkling wine is undoubtedly Santo Stefano Belbo in the province of Cuneo: it is here that the Muscat Blanc grapes from which Asti Spumante Wine is obtained are vinified.

However, from a media standpoint, the most important locations are those of Turin, in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, a beautiful building built by architect Camillo Riccio, and Milan, on the top floor of the Piazza Diaz skyscraper, on a terrace that offers an exceptional view of the entire city.

Asti Martini: the soul of the party

Martini and Rossi has been a point of reference for Italians’ festive moments since 1863: the bottles bearing this label have always been distinguished by a quality-price ratio that is not afraid of comparison, and thus we see them peeping out on the festive tables of half the country.

Bubbles of all kinds, animated by the desire to provide only the best to those who uncork for a special occasion and wish to spend an evening with friends. Accuracy in grape selection goes hand in hand with winemakers’ wisdom and mastery, but also with research into the most modern production techniques and the drive for continuous improvement at Casa Martini & Rossi.

These are the pillars of one of the most successful and far-sighted corporate philosophies, which have elevated this group to the status of a true reference point for Italian enology. Everything is summarised in a catalogue of sparkling wines that are diverse and appropriate for all needs.

There is something for everyone: for lovers of sweet bubbles, but also for those who prefer a dry and elegant taste, and for those who love the classic.

So, why not add a bottle of Asti Martini or any other Martini & Rossi Wine to your wine collection? By doing so, you’ll be able to elevate your next gathering to the next level and create unforgettable memories with those closest to you.

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Asti Spumante: not the only variety available

Going into greater detail, we discover that the most classic bottles of Spumante “registered” Martini and Rossi are those that have delighted millions of Italians for decades, satisfying everyone. Martini Magici Istanti is a young and unique sparkling wine made entirely from Muscat Blanc grapes grown in Piedmont: it has a very fine and fruity aroma as well as a lively and slightly bitter taste.

Much sweeter is the sparkling wine Grandi Auguri, a classic and probably the most well-known bottle with the label Martini, while Prosecco Frizzante, a sparkling wine obtained by processing Prosecco grapes from the province of Treviso, is a novelty.

Martini Asti Sparkling Wine: The excellence of the “Sigillo Blu”

The Martini Asti Sparkling Wine presents on the neck of the bottle the classic state band that strengthens the traceability system of DOC and DOCG wines, already guaranteed with the use of the bottling lot.

In addition to this, you will also find the famous Sigillo Blu (Blue Seal) that symbolizes the real excellence of Martini Asti Sparkling Wine. A brand that assures drinkers about the quality of the bottled product.

Martini and Rossi only award the Sigillo Blu to DOC and DOCG products that best represent the Piedmontese company’s passion for winemaking and drive to improve.

The list “Blue Seal” can only be guided by Martini Asti sparkling wine DOCG, the world’s best-selling Italian sparkling wine: The symbol of the DOCG Martini, is produced only with the best grapes, selected by Casa Martini experts.

Asti Sparkling Wine: Territory, aromas, and flavours

The territory’s steep sunny hills in the heart of Piedmont have always been the ideal environment for the cultivation of Muscat Blanc grapes for the production of Asti Wine, which has the DOCG designation.

More than 200 small growers, known as conferents, harvest the grapes with care and dedication at the end of summer and press them quickly to capture the freshness and aromas contained in grape juice. The must is fermented into the delicate flavours of Asti Sparkling Wine which include notes of peach, sweet wild sage, fresh pear, and pineapple.


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Martini and Rossi Asti: The Ideal Choice for Your Grocery Store

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