22 July, 2022

Bell Italia: for 10 years the best showcase of Italian food for merchants around the world

We’ve just reached a very important goal: for 10 years we have been the best showcase of Italian food for retailers all around the world!
26 August, 2021

The online scams that damage Made-in-Italy export

In today's article we are going to talk about the online scams that damage 'Made-in-Italy' export. What are they, and how do they work? Let's find out together!
28 September, 2019

Ezia Caputo: «Bell Italia: a company that makes you fall in love with your job».

In today's article we interview Ezia Caputo, sales manager of Bell Italia, who tells us about her work experience. Find out more!
29 June, 2019

food product sales: Bell Italia’s 5 products of the moment

In today's article we reveal the 5 products of the moment, the most requested by our customers, as well as the most promoted by Bell Italia in the period January-February 2019. Find out more!
5 April, 2019

Beer boom in Italy in the year 2018

It's beer boom! Italians drink (and export) more and more beer. Find out more in the article of the day!
3 February, 2019

italian wholesale food: the 5 most-exported Italian food products during the holidays on 2018

What Italian-made products were the protagonists on the tables of the whole world during 2018 holidays? Discover the most-exported Italian food products.
20 January, 2019

food and beverage fair: the 5 most important in the world

Food and beverage fairs are one of the most important tools at the disposal of companies that want to expand their radius of action. Find out more!
13 January, 2019

Top 5 most famous Italian food brands in the world

Does Italian food have a global reputation? Take a look at the most famous Italian food brands around the world with us.
23 December, 2018

5 best tricks used in commercials to transform food

Nobody doubts that Italian food is the best food in the world, but in business being good is not enough: you also must look good! Find out the most common tricks used in commercials to make food look good!
21 November, 2018

fun facts about italian food you probably didn’t know about Italian food

Behind food there is history, traditions and legends about its preparation and use. In this article we are going to learn 5 fun facts about Italian food.
21 November, 2018

Italian songs about pasta “La pappa col pomodoro” and 5 more

Gastronomic music, refrains with an unmistakable flavor and verses with references to the specialties of our country, they are music to the ears and the palate, and we’re going to find them out in this fun article.
21 November, 2018

Pasta al dente and other 5 expressions related to Italian food

Some fun facts about Italian food. Weird names, singular terms and figures of speech that are now part of everyday language in Italy (and not only)!