26 August, 2021

The online scams that damage Made-in-Italy export

In today's article we are going to talk about the online scams that damage 'Made-in-Italy' export. What are they, and how do they work? Let's find out together!
28 September, 2019

Ezia Caputo: «Bell Italia: a company that makes you fall in love with your job».

In today's article we interview Ezia Caputo, sales manager of Bell Italia, who tells us about her work experience. Find out more!
18 July, 2019

Not only Nutella: the 5 most-requested Ferrero products by Bell Italia’s customer

Ferrero products are no doubt among the most sough-after among our customers in all parts of the world. Check out the list of the 5 most sought-after Ferrero's products in this article!
29 June, 2019

Bell Italia’s 5 products of the moment

In today's article we reveal the 5 products of the moment, the most requested by our customers, as well as the most promoted by Bell Italia in the period January-February 2019. Find out more!
14 April, 2019

Baci Perugina: the history of a purely Italian sweet myth

Who doesn't know, or has never tasted the pink Baci Perugina Rosa? Find out more in this week's article!
5 April, 2019

Beer boom in Italy in the year 2018

It's beer boom! Italians drink (and export) more and more beer. Find out more in the article of the day!
3 February, 2019

The 5 most-exported Italian food products during the holidays on 2018

What Italian-made products were the protagonists on the tables of the whole world during 2018 holidays? Discover the most-exported Italian food products.
20 January, 2019

The 5 most important food & beverage fairs in the world

Food and beverage fairs are one of the most important tools at the disposal of companies that want to expand their radius of action. Find out more!
19 January, 2019

Bell Italia Srl: nine years constantly growing

Bell Italia: a story to be told. 9 years constantly growing. Find out more!
13 January, 2019

Top 5 most famous Italian food brands in the world

Are there Italian brands that are famous and recognized at the global level? Of course, there are! Italy is a role model for the whole world, as we all know. Discover with us the Top 5 most famous Italian food brands in the world.
23 December, 2018

5 best tricks used in commercials to transform food

Nobody doubts that Italian food is the best food in the world, but in business being good is not enough: you also must look good! Find out the most common tricks used in commercials to make food look good!
21 November, 2018

Prosecco: the 5 reasons of its global success

Prosecco is the biggest-selling Italian wine in the world: only in 2017 over 205 million litres were sold, which amounts to a market share of 40% in the wine sector. Find out the 5 reasons for its success in this article!