Best canned tuna: choose one of the top 10 Italian brands

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Best canned tuna: choose one of the top 10 Italian brands

Do you have a shop for Italian products abroad and you are looking for the best canned tuna? Good! In this article, you will find all the information you need. We will show you 10 top Italian brands and describe their characteristics, peculiarities, and the reasons why you should not miss them in your assortment.

Best canned tuna: the market in Italy and abroad

Tuna is a tasty and nutritious food. It’s good for your organism, as it contains vitamin B, mineral salts, noble proteins, omega 3, and phosphorus. Preserving it in a can does not alter its nutritional characteristics; and, compared to fresh tuna, canned tuna is:

  • more easily available;
  • convenient to keep in the pantry, even for long periods;
  • versatile in the kitchen, because it can be consumed as it is;
  • cheaper.

90% of the Italian population buys canned tuna on a regular basis. Nearly one in two Italians eat it at least once a week. Not only that: Italian canned tuna is one the most appreciated ways of having tuna, even outside our national borders. The export data are proof, as they are in constant growth, with almost 30,000 tons of product exported every year compared to about 80,000 tons produced.

These figures allow us to understand the “weight” of canned tuna in each consumer’s cart. And now you know why it can’t be missing on the shelves of your supermarket!

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The 10 top canned tuna brands from Italy

The point is: what is the best Italian canned tuna for your supermarket abroad? First of all, we recommend you don’t rely on a single brand: you should choose at least two. Sure, your decision will depend on the size of your store, and on the homologous products that will share the shelf with it. But made-in-Italy food has great appeal in the whole world, and offering great-quality Italian canned tuna will increase your customers’ satisfaction, as well as shelf rotation, of course.

Furthermore, Bell Italia’s special offers will allow you to buy the best canned tuna from Italy at low prices and resell it with competitiveness and interesting margins. In this regard, I remind you that under each description you will find a link to directly access our price list and buy the product you are interested in, with only a few clicks. So, what are you waiting for? Discover the best tuna brands made in Italy, and choose your favorites!

Best can of tuna: choose one of the top 10 Italian brands

1- Rio Mare Canned Tuna

Rio Mare Canned Tuna

The most popular and appreciated canned tuna brand from Italy in the world is, undoubtedly, Rio Mare. It is made from only high-quality yellowfin tuna, rigorously selected and strictly controlled from the fishing to the canning. Rio Mare is available both in water and in olive oil.

Choosing it means guaranteeing the customers of your supermarket a product of excellence that will win even the favour of the most demanding palates. The packaging is unmistakable and will not go unnoticed on the shelf. The most popular Rio mare tuna format is 4 80 g cans.

Rio Mare also offers a very wide range of tuna products. Browse our website and search for the most suitable Rio Mare product for your store for your customers who love Italy!

2- Callipo Can of Tuna


Callipo Can of Tuna

Our second proposal for the best can of tuna is Callipo, a historic Calabrian brand that has always been devoted to quality. Callipo canned tuna will amaze your customers at first taste: it is tender and compact at the same time, lean and tasty.

It is also light because it is seasoned only with olive oil (or water in the natural version) and – unique on the market – iodized salt. The packaging is beautiful and attractive, and it comes at a fair price. Available formats: 3x 80g cans and 2x 120g cans.

3- Mareblu Can of Tuna

Mareblu Can of Tuna

Our third point on the list of the best tuna from Italy is Mareblu. It is a very famous brand that will make a good show on your shelves; it will become a favourite among your customers. Its strong points? It tastes great, it is soft and, above all, it is particularly compact.

It is made using less oil, which keeps its flavor intact and consistency firm. Also, it doesn’t drip when you open it. The value of money is also very convincing.

4- Nostromo Canned Tuna

Nostromo Canned Tuna

Nostromo is a very popular Italian brand abroad. This is thanks to a product that, for years, has been guaranteeing high-quality standards and a very special taste! The logo “impegno responsabile” (which means “responsible commitment” stands out on the packaging, certifying that Nostromo tuna is fished with sustainable practices, protecting oceans. It is available in multiple formats, both in oil and in water.

5- As Do Mar Canned Tuna Brand

As Do Mar Canned Tuna Brand

In our ranking of the best-canned tuna, As Do Mar could not be missing. It is an Italian brand of excellence that will stand out on your shelf for the elegance of its packaging and will win customers over for its excellent taste and superlative quality. Compared to many competitors, As Do Mar is made from rigorously selected, whole tunas (not semi-finished).

The cut, cleaning, cooking and canning of the product take place in Olbia (Sardinia), a town known for its traditional craftsmanship in fish processing. The price? Definitely convenient, for such a high-level tuna.

6- Maruzzella Can of Tuna

Maruzzella Can of Tuna

If you want to amaze your customers with an Italy tuna that tastes great, choose Maruzzella. It is a historic brand that guarantees quality, authenticity and flavour. Maruzzella tuna is tender and compact, and it is processed according to tradition. It will stand out on your shelf thanks to the nice and colourful look of the label.

Your customers will be surprised by the price as well, which will guarantee high rotations.

7- Moro Canned Tuna Brand

Moro Canned Tuna Brand

Tonno Moro is the best can of tuna, synonymous with Italian authenticity and taste since 1912. It is fished by a rod to ensure the least possible environmental impact. It is a compact and consistent tuna, beautiful to see and above all… very good to eat. Choose it for your most demanding customers, taking advantage of our special offer.

8- Angelo Parodi Canned Tuna

Angelo Parodi Canned Tuna

Those who choose Angelo Parodi tuna have clear ideas: they aim at the absolute quality of the best Italian canned tuna without compromising on price. Angelo Parodi selects the finest tuna varieties, characterized by slightly fatter meat, and compact but soft muscles.

The fish is subjected to strict controls, and then expertly cut and cleaned. Finally, it is seasoned by respecting the right times for a result that will amaze the palates of people in the whole world. Highly recommended.

9- Mare Aperto Canned Tuna

Mare Aperto Canned Tuna

Our ninth proposal on the list of the best cans of tuna is Mare Aperto. It is a valid alternative to the most famous canned tuna brands from Italy, distinguished by an excellent quality-price ratio. It is seasoned with olive oil and just a pinch of salt, to ensure the right balance between flavour and health. In addition, it is unique and has an easy-to-use opening system that makes it extremely practical. Another strong point is the price.

10- Delicius Canned Tuna Brand

Delicius Canned Tuna Brand

The last brand we are proposing in this list is Delicius. Perhaps it is less popular than others, but the quality is high and can be perceived at first taste. The packaging has a pleasant look and will catch the attention of consumers. Also, the price is interesting.

The Best Canned Tuna From Italy: video on Bell Italia Channel

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