Top 10 Italian food & drink products for a made-in-Italy summer (first part)

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Top 10 Italian food & drink products for a made-in-Italy summer (first part)

In today’s article we talk about summer and we reveal what are the top 10 Italian food & drink products to offer to your customers in the hottest season of the year. These are ideal items to enrich the shelves dedicated to the Made in Italy and to guarantee consumers a high quality assortment at very competitive prices.

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An all-Italian summer with Bell Italia

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Let’s find out now which are the 10 best Italian food & drink products for a Made-in-Italy summer!

Italian Products Bell Italia


migliori prodotti food & drink italiani bell italia lemonsoda oransoda mojito

If you want your customers to taste the real Italian lemonade and orange juice, then you must have them try Lemonsoda and Oransoda. They are made using the best Sicilian citrus fruits collected during the optimal ripening period, with the addition of mineral water from the sources of Crodo, in Piedmont. Pure, thirst-quenching and invigorating water, known and appreciated since the time of the Crusades.

Lemonsoda and Oransoda will amaze your customers thanks to their truly unique flavor and the characteristic citrus fruit pulp, which makes these soft drinks even more palatable. In addition, cocktail lovers can now enjoy Lemonsoda Mojito, a soft drink made with mint, lime and mineral water from the Crodo sources. The ideal way to quench your thirst with strictly Italian-Made taste and quality.

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migliori prodotti food & drink italiani bell italia sacla condiverde

Summer is the season of cold dishes. Easy and quick to prepare, they are ideal for a lunch on the beach and to satiate yourself without feeling heavy. Rice salad is one of the Italians’ favorite cold dishes: to make it you need rice and … Saclà Condiverde, a tasty mix of quality vegetables (carrots, peppers, artichokes, cucumbers, corn, celery, turnip, peas, fennel, capers, olives) in sunflower oil.

Saclà is a large Italian company that, for over eighty years, has been collecting the best products of our land and conserving them using genuine ingredients and techniques passed down through generations. Saclà products are known in over 60 countries worldwide, and, without a doubt, one of the top 10 Italian products for a made in Italy summer is Condiverde Classic Rice.

We offer it to our customers on special in the 290 g twin format. Check out the promo here.


migliori prodotti food & drink italiani bell italia san benedetto tè limone pesca

Cold tea is the summer drink par excellence. It is tasty, thirst-quenching and in great demand during the hottest season: some of our customers order even several lorries! There are many Italian companies offering quality cold tea. Today we promote San Benedetto, one of the best known in our country, also highly appreciated abroad: an excellent infusion of tea (with lemon or peach flavors, also available in the Zero Sugar variant) in San Benedetto mineral water.

Good to taste and beautiful to look at, thanks to the recently renewed packaging. For the best Italian products are not only good, they are also beautiful! And with Bell Italia’s great offers, they are also convenient.

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migliori prodotti food & drink italiani bell italia montana carne in scatola

Fourth proposal among the top 10 Italian food & drink products for a made in Italy summer is Montana, the jellied meat with an all-Italian production chain. A food to be taken all year round, but particularly suitable for the hot season because it is immediately ready, nutritious, ideal as a quick meal or to accompany other dishes. Montana meat is lean (it has only 1.2% fat) and does not contain gluten or glutamate.

It is also proudly made in Italy, and the tricolor flag shows off on the label. We recommend Montana jellied meat to all our customers for three main reasons: it is a well-known and appreciated product, also abroad (especially in Northern Europe); it has a really interesting quality-price ratio; captures the customer’s attention on the shelf and guarantees excellent rotations and good margins to the operator.

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migliori prodotti food & drink italiani bell italia polaretti fruit

Our fifth proposal for the summer is really fresh and tasty: let’s talk about the famous Polaretti Dolfin, delicious fruity popsicles ready to freeze, made in Sicily! In Italy they are well known and much appreciated by children (as well as by grown ups), but the goodness of Polaretti Dolfin has also arrived abroad. In fact, the company sells directly to over 50 countries worldwide and has an export share of 25% of its turnover.

Here at Bell Italia, we export them in large quantities, even whole pallets, especially in Northern and Eastern Europe. We recommend Polaretti Fruit, in the blister pack of 10 popsicles with assorted flavors. In addition to being delicious, they are genuine: they do not contain added dyes, they are preservative and gluten free. They are available in a practical, little display, which will certainly not go unnoticed in your store. The great made-in-Italy quality is really convenient with Bell Italia’s super offers!

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Keep following us to discover the other 5 best Italian food & drink products for a made-in-Italy summer!

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Bell Italia: since 2010, from Italy with love.

Italian Products Bell Italia
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