26 August, 2021

Mafia Sounding: 5 fake Italian products with the Mafia on the label

Mafia Sounding, or rather: the mafia on the plate. In the past we have already dealt with the Italian sounding phenomenon, or the improper use of Italian references on food products that […]
26 August, 2021

The online scams that damage Made-in-Italy export

In today's article we are going to talk about the online scams that damage 'Made-in-Italy' export. What are they, and how do they work? Let's find out together!
24 May, 2021

Export of Italian products to the USA: Bell Italia obtains the FDA registration

The export of Italian products to the USA is constantly growing. Find out how Bell Italia has obtained the necessary certifications to export to the USA respecting all the regulations, read this article!
2 April, 2021

Barilla New Pasta Shape: invent a new shape of Barilla pasta and win 4000 euro

Are you a reseller abroad and some customer of yours stands out for their fantasy and creativity? Find out the contest!
1 April, 2021

Bell Italia: personalized offers with MyPromo

Bell Italia is ever closer to the needs of its customers from all over the world, and has created MyPromo for them. Check it out now!
15 March, 2021

Opening an Italian supermarket abroad. 5 hints by Bell Italia

In recent times we have been receiving numerous requests of advice on how to open an Italian supermarket abroad. Let's find out together!
13 January, 2021

Rating of Legality: Bell Italia’s reliability is today even more certified

Bell Italia is the most reliable and affordable Italian wholesaler of consumer goods, and now this is confirmed by an official certification: the Rating of Legality!
12 August, 2020

Showcase of the best Italian products: the Bell Italia Vlog is on YouTube

Showcase of the best Italian products! Check out the Bell Italia Vlog dedicated to wholesalers and retailers from all over the world on YouTube now!
20 July, 2020

Bell Italia: the most reliable and affordable Italian wholesaler for consumer goods

In this article we will explain why choosing Bell Italia: the most reliable and convenient Italian wholesaler of consumer goods. Read more now!
18 December, 2019

The USA, the CETA and the threats to Italian food products of excellence

In today's article we examine a rather current issue: the threats to Italian food products of excellence. Find them out now!
6 October, 2019

The 5 worst fake news about Italian-made food

Fake news about Italian-made food: a very current combination that, unfortunately, is becoming increasingly widespread due to the web and social networks. Find out more!
28 September, 2019

Bell Italia: 5 great innovations for an ever better service

Today we are going to tell you 5 news that Bell Italia has being preparing to make its service even better. Find out more!