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Italian food products wholesale: 5 reasons to choose Bell Italia

Do you have an Italian store abroad? Do you run an Italian restaurant or a pizzeria somewhere in the world? Are you an Italian food distributor of typical Italian food or wines? I am sure you are always looking for reliable and affordable suppliers! After all, buying well and – above all – in safety is essential for your business.

In this article, I will explain why Bell Italia is undoubtedly the best wholesale Italian food. Are you curious to know us better? All right, read on!

Italian food products wholesale e Bella Italia since 2010

The story of Bell Italia begins in 2009 when two crazy and visionary guys intuit the strength of the ‘made in Italy’ in the world and decide to launch a new business. With a van loaded with typical products of Italy – cheeses, mozzarella, salami – they go to northern Europe and, in a few days, they succeed in selling the whole goods.

They make contact with many retailers and listen to their needs. They understand that the demand for Italian products is very high and, in particular, that several references, although very popular abroad, are difficult to find for local traders.

Italian Products Bell Italia

Trips abroad are multiplying: in a short time, thanks to word of mouth and participation in some small trade fairs, the van turns into a truck and travels thousands of kilometers every week. The products in the assortment also increase: consumer food, soft drinks, water, wines, and beers are added to the few initial gourmet references.

Wholesale suppliers of Italian products: 2010, Bell Italia is born

Driven by the excellent and almost unexpected feedback, in 2010 the two founders decided to open a small warehouse in Barletta, their city of residence, to manage the many requests and better organize logistics. Bell Italia was thus officially born: in a few years it would become the best Italian food products wholesale for traders and retailers around the world.

A company that today can boast tens of thousands of established customers and a constantly updated assortment of over 10 thousand items among Italian and international food and non-food products.

More or less based on theories on the origin of the name “Bell Italia”

A curiosity: there are various theories about the origin of the name “Bell Italia”; some have never been confirmed by the founders of the company. The most “romantic” one tells that in the early days of the business, upon arrival of the van in the various destinations, customers welcomed him shouting “Bell Italiaaaa’s coming!”. This tune was printed in the minds of the two boys, who decided to make it the name of their new company.

One thing is certain: the concept of beauty has always been associated with Italy. The art and culture of the past, the excellence in fashion, and modern design make it clear why Italy is defined, not surprisingly, as the “Belpaese”! It is not by chance that people use to say: “Beauty, before being such, must first come to Italy”.

Italian food wholesalers: Reasons to choose Bell Italia

It’s time to explain why Bell Italia is the best Italian food brands wholesale for retailers and Italian food distributors around the world. I will try to be clear and concise, but I want to start with a piece of advice: there is no explanation that can be as convincing as “testing Bell Italia”. After all, one of our mottos is: “Who chooses us, does not leave us anymore!”

1- A young, modern, technological company

Bell Italia is a young company (the average age of employees is less than 30 years) and is devoted to modernity. Every year, it invests almost all of its profits in technology innovation. All this for the benefit of customers, who can rely on a fully digitized, easy, and intuitive platform, to:

  • place an order with a few clicks;
  • know in real time the availability of products and the progress of orders;
  • receive customized quotations in case of large quantity orders;
  • consult the product data sheets and their characteristics;
  • View order history, available certificates, and invoice archive.

2- Wide and always updated assortment.

One of the strengths of Bell Italia is its wide assortment: over 10 thousand selected items of the best Italian and international brands of Italian food and no food.

Click here to see all the Italian food brands available in Bell Italia and consult the price list!

On Bell Italia’s home page, users can easily navigate and get to know:

  • promotional items;
  • the most requested products;
  • the items recently launched on the Italian market.

On those ones, in particular, we are very careful: the Italian industry “churns out”, in fact, dozens of new products every month. For our customers all over the world, it is quite important to be always informed about market launches and trends: so, they can enrich their shelves, differentiate themselves from competitors, and increase margins. the wholesale winery of Bell Italia the winery of Bell Italia, the best italy wholesale suppliers

The great attention that we reserve to the selection of Italian products has led us to create a website entirely dedicated to Italian wine It is called is our winery, at wholesale price, dedicated to merchants and restaurateurs from all over the world.

We realized that wine, as well as being authentic Italian excellence, deserves to be shown and told so that people can understand its peculiar characteristics, its origin, and its history. We have not yet managed to make you feel the scents and aromas, but for that, we keep working!

Within the category’s pages, you will find the best Italian red wines, the best Italian white wines, and the sparkling Italian wine of the most prestigious Italian wineries divided by region: Piedmont wine, Tuscan wines, Wines of Puglia, Sicilian wines, Campania wines, Abruzzo wines, and Venetian wines.

Over 3000 labels belonging to 500 different wineries are available at wholesale price on Italian Wine Lover. We offer lots of promotions and the strength of our logistics service!

3- Italian food suppliers: customer support, and many additional services

A vast assortment and our great convenience are not enough. As Italian food distributors, it is also essential to be fast, reliable, and always available for customers.

The speed allows us to process each order in a short time and deliver the goods in a few days anywhere in the world;

Reliability is one of our strong points: customers know that they will always receive products with a long shelf life, perfectly intact and without missing items. We document each load and send photos of the platforms on WhatsApp. The Bell Italia branded adhesive tape indicates the double control carried out by our employees on the goods before they leave.

The reliability of Bell Italia is certified not only by our customers, but also by the Rating of Legality: a prestigious award issued by AGCM (Italian Competition Authority) to those companies that operate with transparency and social responsibility, but above all in compliance with all the laws in force.

Being available means having a constant direct line with our customers: to clarify doubts, solve problems if there were any, and optimize every order. Ezia Caputo and Giovanna Caprioli Sales Managers are always available by phone, email, or WhatsApp.

Bell Italia allows customers and partners to enjoy many additional services: first of all, the relabeling of products in any language and according to the indications of different foreign countries. Each item is relabeled and packed with care so that it arrives at its destination perfectly intact, even after journeys of thousands of miles!

Do you want to know more about the Strong Points of Bell Italia, the best wholesaler of Italian products?

4- Italian wholesalers: logistical and administrative support

Our customers can rely on highly qualified logistical and administrative support. Let’s see what it is all about:

Logistical support. It means optimizing loads by better planning the composition of the pallets when they are assorted with different products. In this way, transport costs have lower incidence, and the customer can be competitive and save money.

It also means loading the goods efficiently, so that they can face long distances remaining perfectly intact and arriving perfectly at their final destination! Finally, it means relying on the best transport companies, each specialized in different routes. A service of the highest quality that makes Bell Italia the best Italian food distributor for traders all over the world!

Administrative support. It means providing constant assistance in the compilation of all the practices and in the retrieval of the certificates necessary for the correct export of the goods. No truck will be stopped at customs because “certificates are missing”!

5- Italian food traders: The window on the Italian product market

One of the highlights of Bell Italia is its showcase on the Italian market for wholesalers and retailers around the world. How? Thanks to our blog! There you can find new and reliable content on market news, Bel Paese trends, and the best Italian food products available to better assort your shelf differentiating you from competitors. In addition, in the section “Vetrina Italia” we give space and visibility to Italian producers who want to make themselves known abroad and acquire new customers.

What are you waiting for? If you want to be part of our family and take advantage of all the advantages that make Bell Italia the best Italian food distributor of Italian food and wine on the market, register by filling out the form and try Bell Italia immediately.

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Marco Amato
Marco Amato
I have been with Bell Italia since 2017, today I am the Marketing Manager. I bring with me almost twenty years of experience as a commercial in the food and non-food sectors and a great passion for Made in Italy.

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