27 May, 2019

Italian Pasta review

Today we are going to talk about Italian pasta review, and we will tell you 5 interesting facts that are probably unknown to most.
25 May, 2019

Bell Italia at Sial Paris

This year's edition of Sial Paris, one of the world’s most important food exhibitions, ended on Thursday 25 October. Bell Italia was there too, represented by the manager Gianvito di Palma and the head of marketing Marco Amato. It was definitely a worthwhile experience! Find out more here.
25 May, 2019

E-grocery in Italy: an opportunity and a challenge

Farewell, online shops. In future, we will be able to do shopping simply by clicking on our smartphone. Want to know more? Read this article about E-grocery in Italy and worldwide!
8 May, 2019

2018: the record numbers of the export of Spumante and Prosecco

Exportations of spumante and prosecco reached a record in 2018: find out more in this article from Bell Italia, Italian wholesale products!
27 April, 2019

Interview with Gianvito di Palma, Bell Italia’s CEO

In today's article: a nice interview with Gianvito di Palma, managing director of Bell Italia. Find out more!
14 April, 2019

Easter dove cakes: the 5 most popular brands

Let us introduce you to the 5 most known and appreciated brands of Easter dove cakes on the market. Here at Bell Italia, we made a list!
14 April, 2019

Baci Perugina: the history of a purely Italian sweet myth

Who doesn't know, or has never tasted the pink Baci Perugina Rosa? Find out more in this week's article!
5 April, 2019

Beer boom in Italy in the year 2018

It's beer boom! Italians drink (and export) more and more beer. Find out more in the article of the day!
17 March, 2019

The 5 hottest news about Made in Italy food

Are you ready to find out the 5 hottest news about Made in Italy food? Find them out in Bell Italia's article of the day!
16 March, 2019

The effects of Brexit on the export of Italian agri-food products

What might be the impact of Brexit on exports of Italian agri-food products? After the proposal of the European Union concerning Brexit has been rejected by the British Parliament, this topic is extremely current. Find out more!
21 February, 2019

Mixed results for Italian wine export in 2018

Mixed results for Italian wine export in 2018, but nonetheless wine export is still growing worldwide. Find out more in this week's article!
3 February, 2019

The 5 most-exported Italian food products during the holidays on 2018

What Italian-made products were the protagonists on the tables of the whole world during 2018 holidays? Discover the most-exported Italian food products.