Personal Care

13 April, 2022

International brands: 5 super offers by Bell Italia

In today's article, we shift our attention to the many international brands present in Bell Italia's assortment, and propose our customers 5 super offers for orders for trucks or road trains.
5 April, 2022

Italian products of excellence for your supermarket abroad: Amberlife

Today we introduce you to Amberlife, a complete dermocosmetic line based on Baltic amber, designed for optimal body care. Find out more now!
29 March, 2022

10 Italian non-food brands not to be missed in your supermarket abroad (first part)

In this article we talk about the top 10 Italian non-food brands not to be missed in your supermarket abroad. Let's find them out together!
4 November, 2021

Toothpaste brands: our best Italian choice for your supermarket

Who said that the best made-in-Italy products are only food? Today we are going to talk about Italian high-quality toothpaste brands.
30 July, 2021

Italian baby care: 5 products recommended by Bell Italia

Today we talk about Italian Baby Care: because Bell Italia is not only food & beverage products abroad. Let's find out more together!
25 April, 2021

Italian shaving products: 5 top brands for your supermarket abroad

You have a supermarket abroad and you want to know what are the best made in Italy brands that should never be missing on your shelves? Read more now!
14 October, 2019

Not only Felce Azzurra: the 5 most sold Paglieri products by Bell Italia abroad

In today's article we talk about Paglieri products and we are going to reveal what are the 5 products of the Piedmontese company we sell the most abroad.
21 July, 2019

Best Shower Gel according to Bell Italia

In today's blog, we reveal the best shower gel according to Bell Italia. Let's find out together these products for personal care!
21 November, 2018

Italian Deodorant: the best-selling Brands by Bell Italia

Nobody likes feeling inappropriate, and that feeling is particularly unpleasant when it is due to transpiration. Discover the 5 best Italian deodorants brands recommended by Bell Italia.