The Crodino brand was born in 1964 in Piedmont, in the city of Crodo, from which it takes its name. The need was to satisfy a strong demand for alcohol free or low-alcoholic beverages.

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6 unit / carton

Crodino Analcolico Biondo Cl.10 X Bt.10 - Pieces for BOX: 6 - BOXES for PALLET: 60.....

8 unit / carton

Crodino Biondo Analcolico CL.17,5X3 - Pieces for BOX: 8 - BOXES for PALLET: 88.....

6 unit / carton

Crodino Gusto Arancia Rossa Cl.10 X Bt.10 - Pieces for BOX: 6 - BOXES for PALLET: 60.....

8 unit / carton

Crodino Gusto Arancia Rossa CL.17,5X3 - Pieces for BOX: 8 - BOXES for PALLET: 88.....

Crodino Drik: A Sip of Italian Tradition

At that time customers were increasingly asking for this type of product.

In 1995, the Crodo water brand became part of the Gruppo Campari, one of the main players in the spirits sector worldwide.

Crodino ingredients are made by mixing high-quality spices and herbs from all over the world. The perfect combination of 15 botanicals is extracted and left to infuse for six months and then carbonated.

Only renowned ingredients are used to create the perfect taste. Nutmeg is one of the most popular spices used in cooking, liqueurs, and hearty recipes, it imparts a strong nutty and slightly sweet aroma. Coriander seeds are used for their woody fragrance with peppery and floral notes.

The clove buds blend together, giving a balsamic spice and sweet aroma. The final main ingredient is cardamom, known for its precious essential oil, which gives an aromatic, woody and spicy, warm, and peppery fragrance with nuances of eucalyptus and camphor.

For over 50 years Crodino Drink has been the Italian aperitivo non alcoholic most loved by consumers. The unique taste of the original recipes becomes more and more popular in the Italian market and all over the world.

Crodino: The Italian Non-Alcoholic Soft Drinks

The iconic Crodino Drink non-alcoholic aperitivo is synonymous with the Italian aperitif and is designed to whet the appetite. In fact, the word "Aperitif" derives from the Latin verb "aperire", which means "to open".

The complex and remarkable taste is created with the infusion of premium quality spices, woods, roots, and herbs. The nose opens with fruity and orange notes, lively spiced with herbaceous hints.

It is a refreshing sweet and sour aperitif with lively bubbles. The finish is long, with herbaceous blooms. It can be drunk alone or mixed.

Crodino Rosso is another version of the traditional aperitif. This sweet and sour drink has a blood orange flavor with slightly bitter tannins and a spicy finish. This refreshing cocktail is perfect for warm summer evenings. Crodino Rosso is an excellent alternative to the classic non-alcoholic Crodino Biondo.

The new non-alcoholic aperitivo Crodino Twist Citrus and Crodino Twist Red Fruits, are to be enjoyed at home, at the bar, and in the disco. A non-alcoholic aperitif that combines the characteristic flavor of the classic with the full pleasure of citrus and red fruit flavors. Two very intriguing flavor combinations add to the range. In an agile packaging of three 17.5 cl bottles of pure taste.

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