The origin of the Ichnusa brand dates back to 1912, the year of the construction of the first beer factory built by Giovanni Giorgetti.

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Ichnusa Birra non Filtrata Cl.50 Vol.5° - Pieces for BOX: 15 - BOXES for PALLET: 77Ichnusa 1912 Bir.....

Ichnusa Beer

Subsequently, the brewery passed into the hands of Amsicora Capra, a businessman of Piedmontese origin already employed in the wine market and owner of the company Vinicool. The brand became famous in Sardinia and immediately after the Second World War, popularity spread nationwide.

In the 1960s, a new factory was built in Assemini. In fact, it was the first factory in Italy to use vertical cone fermentation tanks. In the early 1980s, production capacity reached 400,000 hectoliters per year, and in 1986 production reached 580,000 hectoliters of beer per year.

The name itself derives from the Greek word Ichnussa, which means the imprint of the human foot.

In 1986, Heineken Italy S.p.A. (later Birra Dreher S.p.A.) acquired the brand and factory. Since then, Ichnusa beer has been present in almost all restaurants and bars in Sardinia, and the brewery's history has been marked by successes.

The company has always remained faithful to the tradition and simplicity of the raw materials used, making this beer authentic and reflecting the Sardinian soul. For over 100 years, Ichnusa Beer has been a symbol of Sardinia and a source of pride for many of its inhabitants.

Birra Ichnusa: the assortment

Currently, the brewery produces four different beers: the original, Birra Ichnusa Non Filtrata, Birra Ichnusa Cruda, and the light Birra Ichnusa Limone.

Birra Ichnusa Non Filtrata is a full-bodied beer made with pure barley malt. Since it is not filtered, it has a round taste with delicate notes of herbs and yellow and apricot fruits. Birra Ichnusa Non Filtrata offers a soft texture with a slight bitter note in the finish, making it particularly suitable for accompanying dishes with a strong and intense flavor, such as grilled meat or aged cheeses.

Birra Ichnusa Cruda is a beer with a Sardinian soul, created to celebrate the company's centenary. This is a fresh and unpasteurized beer, with an intense and unmistakable taste that has undergone yeast microfiltration. It is a rather bitter low-fermentation beer with compact foam and a golden color.

Thanks to this particular production process, Sardinia beer Ichnusa Cruda maintains all the typical organoleptic properties of craft beer, including the intense and decisive taste and the scent of malt and hops.

Perfect for accompanying dishes with a strong flavor, such as grilled meats, cured meats, and aged cheeses. The light body and balanced carbonation give the beer excellent drinkability, making it also ideal as a refreshing and thirst-quenching drink during the summer months.

Birra Ichnusa Anima Sarda is a beer with an intense and decisive character that is inspired by the tradition and culture of Sardinia. It is a blond, Lager-type beer that has a golden color and a white and creamy foam.

The scent is intense and characterized by citrus notes, white flowers, and hops, while on the palate, the beer stands out for a balanced taste, in which the sweet notes of malt blend perfectly with the bitterness of hops, creating a persistent and pleasant aftertaste.

Ichnusa Beer Anima Sarda is an easy and light beer to drink, perfect for accompanying fish-based dishes, but also for enjoying in the company, perhaps during a summer evening on the terrace or by the sea.

The refreshing Ichnusa Limone is perfect for accompanying the best moments of the Sardinian summer. It's an intriguing combination of 40% Ichnusa beer and 60% tart lemon juice. The taste has perceivable bitter notes from the hops. This Radler has only 2% alcohol and presents with a straw yellow color and a white creamy foam.

This beer is perfect for accompanying light dishes such as salads and fish, but also for being enjoyed alone, perhaps in the company of friends, on a sunny day, or during an outdoor evening.

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