Sperlari is the esteemed confectionery house, tracing its origins back to 1836 in the picturesque town of Cremona, Italy. In a little shop in Via Solferino, Enea Sperlari started selling two traditional Cremonese products: torrone and mostarda.

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18 unit / carton

Sperlari Caramelle All'Anice Gr.200 - Pieces for BOX: 18 - BOXES for PALLET: 64Sperlari reinterpreta.....

18 unit / carton

Sperlari Caramelle Club Forte Mentolo Ed Eucalipto Gr.200 - Pieces for BOX: 18 - BOXES for PALLET: 7.....

18 unit / carton

Sperlari Caramelle Club Gr.200 - Pieces for BOX: 18 - BOXES for PALLET: 72Senza Glutine - Senza Colo.....

18 unit / carton

Sperlari Caramelle Dure Polaris Gr.200 - Pieces for BOX: 18 - BOXES for PALLET: 64Sperlari reinterpr.....

18 unit / carton

Sperlari Caramelle Erbe Alpine Gr.200 - Pieces for BOX: 18 - BOXES for PALLET: 72Sperlari reinterpre.....

24 unit / carton

Sperlari Caramelle Gelees Duetto di Frutta Gr.175 - Pieces for BOX: 24 - BOXES for PALLET: 64Sperlar.....

18 unit / carton

Sperlari Caramelle Gran Gelees Ai Frutti Rossi Gr.175 - Pieces for BOX: 18 - BOXES for PALLET: 80Spe.....

18 unit / carton

Sperlari Caramelle Gran Gelees Assortiti alla Frutta Gr,175 - Pieces for BOX: 18 - BOXES for PALLET:.....

12 unit / carton

Sperlari Caramelle I Sottomarini Gr.140 - Pieces for BOX: 12 - BOXES for PALLET: 64.....

18 unit / carton

Sperlari Caramelle Lizya Ripiene alla Liquirizia Gr.175 - Pieces for BOX: 18 - BOXES for PALLET: 64R.....

12 unit / carton

Sperlari Caramelle Morbide Dinomix Gr.140 - Pieces for BOX: 12 - BOXES for PALLET: 64.....

18 unit / carton

Sperlari Caramelle Ripiene al Caffe Lavazza Gr.175 - Pieces for BOX: 18 - BOXES for PALLET: 64Sperla.....

45 unit / carton

Sperlari Torroncini Classici Mandorla Gr.117 - Pieces for BOX: 45 - BOXES for PALLET: 24Torroncini c.....

For over a century, Sperlari's artisans have perfected the art of sweet-making, blending tradition with innovation. Each confection tells a story of skill honed and passed down through generations, creating a collection that is nothing short of a symphony of flavors.

Sperlari: Discovering Confectionery Perfection

The Sperlani brand quickly became popular all over the world, however, the historic little shop in Via Solferino is still selling sweets today just as it was 180 years ago.

Sperlari's repertoire includes iconic creations such as Balsamic Mint candies and the heavenly Torrone. These signature treats showcase the mastery of Sperlari, where premium ingredients and masterful techniques come together to redefine the sweet experience.

Every ingredient is meticulously chosen, and each step of the production process is executed with precision, ensuring that every Sperlari candy is a moment of pure indulgence.

While rooted in Italian tradition, Sperlari has transcended borders to become a global symbol of quality and indulgence. Its confections, with a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, have captivated sweet enthusiasts on every continent.

Firmly established in its story, Sperlari candy continues to evolve, embracing modern tastes while preserving the timeless essence of its craftsmanship. The pages of Sperlari's story are far from over, promising a continuation of the sweet saga for generations to come.

Sperlari Candy: Timeless Treats for Every Palate

Sperlari, the distinguished confectionery brand, takes pride in producing a diverse range of caramelle, each meticulously crafted to offer a unique and delightful taste experience. The Sperlari collection spans an array of flavors, catering to various preferences and palates.

One of the signature offerings is the Sperlari Menthol caramelle, a refreshing blend that combines the sweetness of the candy with a cool and invigorating menthol flavor. It's a perfect choice for those seeking a harmonious balance of sweetness and freshness.

For those with a penchant for the classic, Sperlari presents Anise caramelle. Infused with the distinct taste of anise, these Sperlari Anise candies provide a timeless and aromatic indulgence. The subtle licorice-like notes elevate the confectionery experience, appealing to those who appreciate traditional flavors.

In the realm of fruit-infused caramelle, Sperlari showcases a vibrant selection. From zesty citrus bursts to the sweetness of berries, each fruit-flavored candy is a burst of natural goodness. The careful blend of fruity notes creates a symphony of flavors that tantalizes the taste buds.

Sperlari also makes candies with some unique flavors. One of them is Sperlari Liquirizia, which has a strong licorice taste. It's a bit bold and different, perfect for those who like trying new things.

They've also teamed up with Caffè Lavazza to create candies with the flavor of their rich and aromatic coffee. So, if you're a coffee lover, the Sperlari Caffe Lavazza Caramelle could be a sweet treat with a hint of your favorite brew.

Sperlari's commitment to quality is evident in the choice of premium ingredients for their caramelle. The production process is characterized by precision and expertise, ensuring that each candy maintains its distinct flavor profile and superior quality.

Beyond taste, Sperlari caramelle are crafted to evoke a multisensory experience. The candies are elegantly presented, inviting consumers to enjoy not only the delightful flavors but also the aesthetic pleasure of each confection. The packaging reflects the brand's dedication to creating a complete and satisfying treat for discerning sweet enthusiasts. Add the Anice Sperlari caremelle to your shopping cart to stock up for your overseas store.

Sperlari Torrone: Indulging in Italian Nougat Elegance

Crafted with precision and passion, Sperlari's Torrone is a symphony of flavors that captivates the senses and pays homage to the rich tradition of Italian sweet making.

At the heart of Sperlari Torrone is a harmonious blend of honey, nuts, and history. The soft nougat, infused with the natural sweetness of honey, creates a luscious foundation. Almonds, carefully selected for their quality, add a delightful crunch and nutty richness, elevating the Torrone to a level of indulgence that is truly unparalleled.

What makes Sperlari Torrone truly special is its ability to transcend time. Rooted in tradition, this soft nougat is not just a sweet treat but a connection to centuries-old culinary practices. It's a culinary masterpiece that showcases the artistry passed down through generations, making each bite a step into the rich history of Italian confectionery.

Include the Sperlari Torrone with Almond in your shopping cart to replenish your stock for your international store.

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