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We take the best of Italian food and no-food all across the world, at a convenient price.

Since its founding in 2010 Bell Italia operates on the international market as a wholesaler of everyday products and has created a network of agents and clients distributed worldwide. Today Bell Italia offers food and non-food products, beverage, wines and liquors from the best Italian brands.

Giuseppe Fulvio Francia

I am the founder of Bell Italia, for several years I have been working in the footwear industry, which is my main activity. In 2010 I fulfilled my dream of creating an export company of Italian food products. I speak Italian, Spanish and English.

Gianvito Di Palma

I am Bell Italia's CEO, I have been at this company since 2012. I started in management, and then I was in sales, until I made the great leap: I became a member, and CEO of the company. I speak Italian and English.

Marcello Cuccorese

I work in management and I take care of the organization and of the logistic controls, I have been here since 2015. I take care of every shipment personally, to make sure that the customer receives the goods in the most efficient and safest way. I speak Italian and English.

Marco Amato

I started working in the company in 2017 and today I am head of Marketing. I have almost twenty years experience with food and no-food in the commercial field, as well as a big passion for Made in Italy. I speak Italian and English.

Ezia Caputo

I have been at Bell Italia since 2018 as an export assistanti. I follow each of my customers with passion, because the customers allow me to grow professionally and make Bell Italia grow as well. I speak Italian, Spanish, French and English.

Giovanna Caprioli

Since February 2020, I have been sales assistant at Bell Italia. In the past I have taught languages, been an interpreter, worked in Ireland in a hotel chain and in China as an assistant producer. My Challenge today? Raising Made in Italy ever higher in the world! I speak Italian, English and Chinese.